Seasonal Yard Cleanups

Tyler’s Lawn Care is equipped to clean up your yard to get ready for the summer or winter! Piles of decaying leaves are breeding grounds for moulds, which can damage your grass. They’re attractive to ants since those leaves are easy food. And they’re just unsightly! Mowing over leaves can lead to uneven cutting of the grass, and if you fertilize, the leaves will impede the fertilizer’s ability to reach the soil! So, contact us for a quote if you live in the Halifax, Bedford and Lower Sackville area of Nova Scotia.

But why get a company to remove the leaves for you? Bagging leaves is a hassle, pure and simple! Let us do the hard work and protect your lawn, so that you can enjoy the benefits!

Our Seasonal Cleanup Service includes:

  • Pruning and trimming of shrubs as required.
  • Cleaning up leaves, branches, and garbage.
  • We can also include garden bed mulching and weeding, removing annuals if requested.
  • Cleanup of pine cones and pine needles, etc.
  • Disposal of all leaves, branches and debris when finished.

Fall Lawn and Garden Clean-up

Our Fall Lawn and Garden Clean-up services include the following:

  • Pruning and trimming of all shrubs and plants as required, in preparation for the winter season. 
  • Weeding of all garden beds as required. 
  • Clean-up of all leaves, branches and debris throughout the lawn, and garden areas, walkways, driveway, etc. 
  • Final Lawn Mowing for the season. 
  • Removal and disposal of all debris.

Spring Lawn and Garden Clean-up 

Our Spring Lawn and Garden Clean-up services include the following:

  • Pruning and trimming of all shrubs and plants as required in preparation for summer.
  • Weeding of all garden beds as required.
  • Cultivation of Garden Beds to prepare for the upcoming season.
  • Clean up garden beds and lawn areas of all leaves, branches, and debris.
  • Removal and disposal of all debris.

Additional Services

We can also include a variety of other services:

  • Install Red, Black, or Natural Brown Mulch!
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Splitting / Planting Perennials
  • Planting / Removing Annual Flowers
  • Any other yard duties that need to be tended to!

The budding plants in the spring and the changing of the leaves in autumn are a pleasure to witness! But with the change in seasons comes the inevitable seasonal yard cleanup! Let us help you enjoy the changing seasons by getting a professional cleanup!

Seasonal Cleanup FAQS

Typically, our Seasonal or Landscape Clean Up includes pruning and trimming of shrubs as required, cleaning up leaves, branches, and garbage from your property. We can additionally include garden bed mulching, garden bed weeding, removing annuals, cleaning up pine cones and pine needles, and other items that may need to be done around the yard. All debris cleaned up will be taken away and disposed of.

We ask that you have your lawn clear of ornaments, toys, sprinklers, equipment, animal feces, etc. Also, if you have an automatic sprinkler system, we ask that it is not set up to run on the day we’ve scheduled your service for. If our maintenance team arrives and is unable to complete the service due to any previously mentioned items on the lawn, the sprinkler system is running; the lawn is wet, the property will be skipped until it can be fit back into our schedule. If it is a repetitive issue, you may be charged an additional $50 for the repeated time of our team.

At Tyler’s Lawn Care & Snow Removal, we want to offer the least complicated payment process available. After you have accepted the estimate, give our Halifax – Bedford office a call at 902-220-7872 to put your Visa or Mastercard on file. We invoice for individual services the day after they are completed, and we charge cards the following Monday after the service is completed. As an example, if your maintenance service is completed on Wednesday, you should receive your invoice on Thursday, and your card on file will be charged on the following Monday. This gives you time to let us know if there is anything not suitable with your service. We also have a client portal where you can update your credit card information yourself. We are PCI Compliant, and our software program is encrypted to ensure its safety. Once your card has been saved on file, we are only able to view the last four digits of your card and its expiry. Alternatively, you can prepay for your service with an e-transfer, cheque, or cash.

You can cancel our service at any time; we just ask that you do it by 8 AM the day before we are scheduled to be there as we can’t guarantee you are removed from our schedule if you call the day of. If you have prepaid for your service, you will receive a full refund with notice.

If there is ever a problem with our service, please contact us as soon as possible. We want to make things right for you and give you the quality service that you deserve. Remember, we can’t fix an issue if we don’t know about it!