Lawn Care & Weed Control

If you live in the Halifax, Bedford and Lower Sackville area, you can trust Tyler’s Lawn Care to take care of your lawn. If it needs help, we can take your “lawn” from weeds to a beautiful, green expanse. Our lawn care service is not just fertilizing and weed control. We address all the issues you may face while growing turf in our Nova Scotia environment. Taking the fundamental chemistry of your soil, soil quality, grass types, and other factors into consideration, we have done all the research for you! You can rest assured that we will take care of your lawn as if it were ours! Our Lawn Care & Weed Control program consists of 7 scheduled applications throughout the summer season; this consists of your lawn’s basic requirements. If your yard requires renovation, we can alter our package to suit your needs!

Turf Care Program

  • Spring Fertilizer Application
  • Early Spring Weed Control Application
  • 2 x Foliar Fertility Applications
  • 2 x Chinch Bug Control Applications
  • Fall Fertilizer Application
  • Fall Weed Control Application
  • Fall Lawn Aeration

Optional Add-on Services

  • Late Spring/Early Summer Weed Control Application (Highly Recommended)
  • Late Summer Weed Control Application (Highly Recommended)
  • Driveway and Garden Weed Control
  • Grub Control
  • Water Surfactant Applications

Slice Seeding Lawn Repairs

The best and most cost-effective solution for repairing lawns in the Halifax – Bedford environment of Nova Scotia has been “slice seeding.” We mow the areas to be repaired down to approximately 2 in, then apply seed using a machine that cuts slits in the turf and drops the source. Rain (or watering) will wash the seed into the grooves, providing a shelter in which to germinate. We also include a liquid soil amendment application with all of our lawn repairs to give the seed a boost at the beginning.

Our Turf Technicians are highly trained and certified. We use proven methods, quality equipment and products, and exceptional customer service. We look after our properties in an environmentally friendly manner, as if they were our own. Our clients know they can trust our certified, knowledgeable staff to achieve the healthy, lush lawn that they can be proud of!

Lawn Care & Weed Control FAQS

We care about your family and want to provide the safest but also most effective products. We use Fiesta Weed Control for our Weed Control Services and a range of organic liquid and granular fertilizer products.  For all these products, we recommend people and pets stay off the areas for at least 24 hours.


We use commercial-grade products that are not available for purchase at a typical hardware store. Our lawn care technicians are licensed herbicide applicators and require ongoing education and training to keep their certification. Our technicians also pay close attention to the weather and will not make applications if inclement weather is imminent or if there are high chances of drifting due to wind.

We have a specific routine we follow for all Weed Control and/or Fertilizer Applications. We send out emails to all clients before our arrival; we try to give one to two days’ notice for scheduled applications. Our lawn care technicians will leave a small lawn sign letting you know an application has been applied and to stay off the lawn for 24 hours, and you will receive an email from our office letting you know that the application was made. If you are ever in doubt, if we’ve been by, give our office a call, and we would be happy to assist.

We ask that you have your lawn clear of ornaments, toys, sprinklers, equipment, animal feces, etc. Also, if you have an automatic sprinkler system, we ask that it is not set up to run on the day we’ve scheduled your service for. If our lawn care technician arrives and are unable to complete the service due to any previously mentioned items on the lawn, the sprinkler system is running/lawn is wet, then the property will be skipped, and if it is a repetitive issue, you will be charged the total price of a single application for their time. LET US KNOW IF YOUR LAWN IS BROWN/STRESSED. If your lawn is stressed before our arrival, meaning it’s not been watered much this year and is pretty brown, we cannot make the application. A stressed lawn may not tolerate weed control, and you must commit to watering your lawn daily for 30 minutes for a week before our arrival.

You will receive an email after the application is completed. This email will outline watering instructions and will reiterate that we recommend people and pets stay off the areas for 24 hours. You may also notice another one of our team members at your property within the following weeks after the application was completed; this is part of our random quality checks to ensure we are providing top-notch service!

At Tyler’s Lawn Care & Snow Removal, we want to offer the least complicated payment process available. After you have accepted the estimate, give our office a call at 902-220-7872 to put your Visa or Mastercard on file. We invoice for individual services the day after they are completed, and we charge cards the following Monday after the service is completed. As an example, if an application is completed on Wednesday, you should receive your invoice on Thursday, and your card on file will be charged on the following Monday. This gives you time to let us know if there is anything not suitable with your service. We also have a client portal where you can update your credit card information yourself. We are PCI Compliant, and our software program is encrypted to ensure its safety. Once your card has been saved on file, we are only able to view the last four digits of your card and its expiry. Alternatively, you can prepay for your service with an e-transfer, cheque, or cash.

If there is ever a problem with our service, please contact us as soon as possible. We want to make things right for you and give you the quality service that you deserve. Remember, we can’t fix an issue if we don’t know about it!