About Tyler’s Lawn Care & Snow Removal

Starting out with just a single truck and mower, we are quickly becoming the highest quality Lawn Care/Landscape & Snow Removal company in Halifax, Bedford & Lower Sackville. Our expansion and stellar reputation is due, in part, to our exceptional reputation for quality and timely service. Using high quality products, proven methods, and exceptional customer service, while still being aware of the environment. We are sure to exceed expectations every time we step on a yard

Our Story

TLC was founded by Tyler Ford at the age of 15. Starting out by mowing lawns for neighbors during high school, it eventually grew to a small business. By 2018, Tyler’s Lawn Care & Snow Removal was serving over 100 valued clients in the Halifax, Bedford & Sackville area. TLC offers an array of year-round services including:
- Lawn Mowing
- Lawn Care
- Weed Control
- Pest Control
- Gardening
- Landscape Maintenance
- Residential Landscape Installs
- Seasonal Clean-Ups
- Snow Removal


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our valued clients with the highest possible quality Residential & Commercial Lawn Care & Snow Removal Service in Halifax - Bedford. Using proven methods, quality equipment and products, and exceptional customer service, we look after your property in an environmentally friendly manner. Our certified professionals will assess your property, listen to your requests and provide you with a program that best suits your lawn care, yard work or snow removal needs.

We are proud that over 80% of our new customers come to us through referral from our clients. We work hard to maintain our professionalism and customer service that has helped us retain our extremely happy clients. Not only do we want to go home at the end of the day knowing all clients are happy, but we want to forge a long-term relationship with every client. We want you to think of us whenever you need something done to your outdoor property. We think of all our clients like an extended family, and you get the same treatment and friendliness any family member would.

Tyler's Lawn Care Team

Tyler Ford
Tyler Ford

Tyler Ford is the founder of TLC, growing up in an entrepreneurial family in Newfoundland, he always had a special appreciation for business and the outdoors which initiated the desire to provide top quality outdoor property maintenance services while being aware of the environment. Following his father to Nova Scotia once he joined the RCMP, at the age of 15 Tyler started TLC during high school. After graduating High School, Tyler moved to Banff, Alberta for a winter season. Returning in Spring of 2015, Tyler started Tyler’s Lawn Care & Snow Removal to continue his desire to provide top quality Lawn Care & Snow Removal.

Dustin Maccallum
Dustin Maccallum

Dustin joined TLC in April 2017. From his previous experience in the Lawn Care and Landscaping industry, Dustin has been a huge addition to our team.

Alex Kidney
Alex Kidney

Alex joined TLC in May 2017 and has continued to grow his knowledge and experience in the industry.

Liam Creighan
Liam Creighan

Liam joined the TLC team in April 2017. After running a small side business in the Lawn Care industry, Liam is continuing to grow his experience with TLC.

Snow Removal, Plowing & Lawn Care Services in Halifax, Bedford & Lower Sackville