Weekly Lawn Mowing

Tyler’s Lawn Care’s most popular service is our Weekly Lawn Mowing service. Our regular lawn mowing season starts at the beginning of May and ends at the end of October. Our business has been built off of our Lawn Mowing services. Serving hundreds of clients throughout the Halifax, Bedford and Lower Sackville area every week, we know a thing or two about cutting grass.

Weekly Lawn Mowing prices start at $44+HST per week.

Your Visa or Mastercard will be charged the following Monday after your service.

Weekly Lawn Mowing Services Include:

  • Weekly Mowing services begin the week of May 1st and end the week of October 31st.
  • We require all clients to be on a Weekly schedule during May and June.
  • Bi-Weekly Services are only available from July to October.
  • Mowing of all turf areas. (Clippings Mulched)
  • Trimming around houses, sheds, garden beds, trees, etc.
  • Blowing off of all hard surfaces when finished.
  • Leave your lawn looking beautiful!
  • Garden Bed Weeding Add-on service is also available!

We use Google Earth and Satellite Imagery to provide a quick, no-obligation quote based on your property size. Call us or fill out our Free Quote form.

Our Lawn Mowing Team Members undergo extensive training before cutting our clients’ grass. Before their first day, they complete a series of online training classes to understand best practices and the equipment they will be operating. Once they have completed and passed the online training, they are brought in for a few days of training at our shop. They’re trained on each piece of equipment they will be operating. Then they cut the grass at our own shop, to ensure they can provide the high-quality, detail-oriented Lawn Mowing service you deserve.

Lawn Mowing FAQS

Our mowing season typically starts the first week of May and ends the last week of October. At the start of grass cutting season, you will be assigned a specified mowing day (at this time, we cannot take requests from homeowners for a specific day of the week). We cannot guarantee a particular time of arrival as many factors determine how long each property takes.

You can expect our mowing team to take care of your property as if it were their own. Your mowing will include weekly cutting unless you chose bi-weekly, though we do highly recommend weekly for a properly maintained lawn; we make sure to change the direction of mowing each week to prevent ruts in your yard, trimming of the edges of all grassed areas, and blowing any debris off hard surfaces.

We ask that you have your lawn clear of ornaments, toys, sprinklers, equipment, animal feces, etc. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, we ask that it not be set up to run on the day we’ve scheduled your service. If our mowing team arrives and cannot mow the lawn due to any previously mentioned items on the lawn, the sprinkler system runs, the yard is wet, our mowing team will skip the property until the following week. If it is a repetitive issue, you will be charged your mowing rate even if the property isn’t completed.

At Tyler’s Lawn Care & Snow Removal, we want to offer the least complicated payment process available.  After you have accepted the estimate, give our office a call at 902-220-7872 to put your Visa or Mastercard on file. We invoice for individual services the day after they are completed, and we charge cards the following Monday. As an example, if your mowing day is Wednesday, you should receive your invoice on Thursday, and your card on file will be charged on the following Monday. This gives you time to let us know if there is anything not suitable with your service. We also have a client portal where you can update your credit card information yourself. We are PCI Compliant, and our software program is encrypted to ensure its safety. Once your card has been saved on file, we are only able to view the last four digits of your card and its expiry.

You can cancel our service at any time; we just ask that you do it by 8 AM the day before we are scheduled to be there as we can’t guarantee you are removed from our schedule if you call the day of. We require everyone to sign up for Weekly mowing from the beginning of May to the end of June as the grass is at the peak of its growing season during this time, and it is too difficult for our teams and equipment to keep up with the extended growing time. If your lawn is not growing as fast through the summer, you can switch to biweekly services at biweekly pricing.

If there is ever a problem with our service, please contact us as soon as possible. We want to make things right for you and give you the quality service that you deserve. Remember, we can’t fix an issue if we don’t know about it!